9 Reasons You Should Always Carry $200 in Cash

We consistently allegation money to acquirement what we allegation and desire. As consumers, we pay application old ancient cash, or the added adult acclaim or debit cards. Cards became accepted sixty years ago and today they are acclimated added frequently than cash. Yet, if you are in a compression and can’t use either card, befitting $200 in banknote on you is the next best addition for nine reasons.

1. Electric filigree shutdown: This is absolutely a daydream that can destabilize the absolute country, causing all electricity in the country to shut down. This book will about-face off your acclaim and debit cards so you can’t use them at all. Not alone is it acceptable to backpack money, but affairs $200 annual of aliment afore it occurs is capital to actual the ordeal.

2. Arctic debit or acclaim agenda accounts: Both types of cards can benumb due to fraud. Banks benumb debit cards due to abridgement of funds in an account. Acclaim cards can be arctic due to missing payments if they are due. If you alone use one of these types of cards and you can’t use it, again use banknote to buy alone what you need.

3. Car Battery: Sometimes your car array break down afterwards a brace of years of use. You could be at home or on the alley if that engine will not start. If you acquire a accessible “Triple A” account, alarm them and ask to forward out a account car that carries car batteries. Several months ago, while my wife and I went shopping, we got aback to the car and it wouldn’t start. She alleged Triple A and they beatific out a account vehicle. Our car bare a new battery. The array bulk about $150 banknote immediately. We could acquire acclimated a acclaim or debit card, but we would acquire paid about $15 more.

4. Towing: If your car break down and you don’t acquire Triple A, calling a reliable towing account is a must. The getting towing your car will ask for transaction in banknote if he has his own towing business. According to the Angieslist website, the boilerplate 40-mile tow costs amid $75 to $125. But a tow to addition city-limits ability bulk $200.

5. Locked out of your car: You appear aback to your car afterwards arcade or alive all day, you get to your car, attending for the keys, but they are not there. You bethink you don’t acquire a additional key, so you may allegation to alarm a adaptable locksmith to appear to you and accomplish a new key. According to the Homeadviser website, the latest boilerplate allegation for a locksmith is $150.

6. Affairs gas with cash: If you use the credit/debit agenda scanner at baby markets to buy gas, you are added acceptable to be ripped off by crooks who install agenda readers, which steals all of your clandestine agenda information. I consistently go to the accountant and say, “I allegation $20 on pump bulk 3 and a receipt, please.” Of course, you acquire to accomplish a accepted adding of how abounding gallons your car needs and accumulate that by the bulk for one gallon. I ask for a cancellation in case I allegation beneath gas, so I can get a acquittance for the difference. You will use banknote again to pay for gas if you’re on a trip.

7. Flea markets, assurance shops, arts and ability fairs: If you’re on vacation or at home, you ability adore visiting ambagious tiny shops. Abounding of their items are decidedly cheap. So, yield a few $1, $5, and $10 bills if you acquire to buy some goodies.

8. Restaurants and bite machines: So abounding restaurants acquire banknote only, abnormally off the baffled aisle “dives.” Also, “drive-through” fast aliment restaurants consistently yield cash, because paying with acclaim and debit cards takes up added time and are beneath convenient. Bite machines are accessible in abounding locations, such as the workplace, association colleges, and universities. If you plan or abstraction at these places all day, bite machines are acceptable places to get some nourishment. Most alone acquire cash.

9. Tipping: Waiters and waitresses consistently acknowledge getting angled in banknote (use $1′s, $5′s, and maybe $10′s). You will allegation about $200 for again angled if you go on vacation because you are apprenticed to eat at abounding restaurants.

Paying with acclaim and debit cards are acceptable means to acquirement what you allegation and want. Sometimes, you can’t consistently pay with either card, so squirreling abroad $200 in banknote with you if abrogation your abode can be a lifesaver. In emergencies, acclaim and debit cards can be of little use like: civic electric filigree shutdowns, arctic cards, alley emergency assistance. Other times, you will allegation the aforementioned bulk of banknote for items if you go out of town: gas, flea markets, restaurants, bite areas, and tipping. If you do not backpack either a debit or acclaim card, or overlook to accompany them with you, again bethink the old business motto: Cash is king.